Introducing Big sister Carole and her Little Shu’viyeh
Carole and Shu’viyeh have been matched for a little over 3 years now. Carole says it has been
a joy to watch Shu’viyeh grow from a little girl to now a sweet bubbly teenager. Carole described
Shu’viyeh as a sweet girl with a great personality. Some of the things they enjoy doing and have
become traditions are cooking and doing arts and crafts together. Due to COVID restrictions,
they have had to enjoy phone calls, facetimes, texts and occasional outdoor activities such as
spending the summer poolside. Since being a Big Sister, Carole has become a lot like family to
her Little Shu’viyeh. Carole says, “It’s a joy being around Shu’viyeh and also her family”. As a
Big Sister, Carole has introduced Shu’viyeh to new activities that she has never done before.
Before COVID, they would celebrate holidays by getting creative and doing different activities.
Carole was asked how becoming a Big Sister has impacted her life. Carole says, “I have always
loved volunteering within the community and now that my children are grown, I enjoy giving
back and having a Little which brings me and my family much joy”.
Shu’viyeh says “I love my Big and really enjoy her company.” Going to get Starbucks and
cooking have been some of my favorite things to do with Carole.” Shu’viyeh was asked what
was her favorite thing about having a Big Sister? She said, “If we don’t feel like going out and
doing anything we can still relax, cook dinner, and paint at my Big’s house and have a good
Carole and Shu’viyeh both really enjoy each other’s company. Carole is a positive role model for
Shu’viyeh. They are a true example of what a strong Big Sister and Little Sister bond looks like
for our matches.