Meet May’s Match of the Month!

We are proud to share one of our newer matches between Lidia and Muriel. Their journey has
just begun but due to the positive attitude demonstrated by Muriel it is evident their bond will
continue to grow as time passes. Lidia is an imaginative, talkative, and very eager kindergarten
that loves to learn. The two of them meet for lunch every week at Lidia’s school, and you can
find them laughing, smiling, and talking. Lidia’s family has a history with our agency, her uncle
was a Little Brother not long ago and now we are proud that Lidia has become a Little Sister and
we can assist through her journey in life.

This match is already eager to attend events, one of which even Lidia’s family attended, and her
mom and Grandmother were able to meet Muriel. It is a joy to see the excitement they all
share for the new beginning of a wonderful match. It is wonderful to see such a beginning full
of hope, for the future. The impact of a positive attitude between mentor and mentee makes a
big difference on both the life of the Little Brother/Sister as much as our Big Brothers/Sisters,
this match demonstrates to have an amazing attitude to make such a difference in each other’s
lives. Thank you to all our Big Brothers and Big Sisters for everything you do!