BBBS of the Central Piedmont is thrilled to highlight Khyri and Cosmo as our July Match of the Month.  Their story showcases the impactful relationship between a Big Brother and a Little Brother and how it has positively influenced Khyri’s life.

Khyri, a kindergarten student at Parkview Village Elementary, found a mentor and friend in Cosmo, a junior at High Point University.  Since their match meeting in 2022, Cosmo has shown dedicated support by visiting Khyri weekly at school.  Their activities together, such as playing board games, having lunch and working in the classroom, laid the foundation for a strong friendship. Cosmo’s encouragement has helped Khyri grow in confidence, becoming more willing to take risks and emerging as a leader among his peers. 

Their relationship has evolved positively, transitioning from the site-based program to a community-based one, allowing for deeper connections outside the school environment.  In the present day, their time is spent getting ice cream, fishing, touring HPU, or hanging out at the park. Cosmo’s commitment to Khyri’s development is evident in his words and actions, emphasizing the bond they share beyond scheduled meetings. 

Cosmo’s mentorship has not only impacted Khyri but has also been a learning experience for himself, shaping his future choices and emphasizing the importance of ongoing connection with Khyri even after graduation.

Khyri’s progress is commendable; he excels in school with a positive attitude towards learning and everyday challenges. His caring nature towards his family reflects his growth under Cosmo’s guidance. 

BBBSCP celebrates Khyri’s achievements and is optimistic about his future, highlighting the significant role mentors like Cosmo play in nurturing potential and fostering positive outcomes in young lives.

By Match Support Specialist Amy Braica