Katie was matched with her “Little” Lakayla (Kayla) in October of 2020 in the virtual mentoring
program due to COVID, and they have been together since then.
When they were first matched, Kayla was in the 4th grade, and Katie was a freshman at HPU.
Katie has always been consistent in Kayla’s life. During Covid she would call her often.
Now, Kayla is in the 7 th grade and Katie is a senior student at HPU with an accounting major.
From September of 2021 until now Lakayla and Katie transitioned to Big Brothers Big Sisters in
person after school site-based program. They enjoy playing sports, attending HPU basketball
games, local parks, the Qubein Children’s Museum, and our new JEDI mentoring center where
they played board games and done arts and crafts.
One of their favorite memories has been attending the HPU Basketball game, the Qubein
Children’s Museum and going Christmas shopping to Target. Katie has always been friendly,
talkative, and a positive role model to Lakayla. One of the main goals for this match was to
support Kayla, improve her confidence and to obtain good grades. These main goals have been
achieved, and we are so proud of both. Lakayla has been on the honor roll several times and
because of that she has been invited to our celebrations, once at our JEDI Center and another
time at the Animal Park at the Conservator’s Center. Lakayla’s mom mentioned that Katie “has
been a positive role model for Lakayla and has helped her get out of her shell.” In Katie’s own
words “I look forward to my time with Lakayla because she enables me to escape into a
genuinely positive and playful atmosphere amidst the stresses of school. Kayla has made a
profound impact on my life, and we have a relationship that I know will continue past my years
in High Point.”