This is Big Sister Morgan and her Little Sister Janethzy, they have been matched since October 2021. This pair have a very strong bond. Morgan and Janethzy meet at Armstrong Park or at a McDonald’s. They will often play on the playground, board-games or simply make up games to have fun. The two will also involve the other kids on the playground just to have fun. This has helped Janethzy with her social skill and to build her confidence. They also frequently participate in the activities Big Brothers and Big Sisters organize; they both always have fun. Morgan has demonstrated her commitment to her Little Sister many times. Morgan is attentive and always finds way to engage her Little Sister to participate in every activity they approach together. Morgan is able to find creative ways to play and approach their visits. Janethzy has shown tremendous growth in social skill, she is more confident and is able to convey her wants and feelings quite well. Janethzy’s mom has expressed her joy for the bond Little Sister has been able to form with her Big Sister.