Big Abdul and Little Mekhi have been matched since February 2021. Little Mekhi had patiently
waited for a Big for a long time and boy did he hit the jackpot! Big Abdul graduated from NC
State and moved to Greensboro and was looking for a way to give back to the community and
make an impact in a child’s life. Due to the pandemic the match started out virtually and after a
few months was able to get together in the community. Since meeting the match has learned a
great deal about each other and had awesome outings in the community while remaining
focused on the importance of education and working on homework together. Abdul and Mekhi
have very similar outgoing personalities that keep things energetic and exciting. Mekhi’s mom,
Natalie, said, “Abdul is a good role model for my son. He shows him the importance of keeping
school first and then staying healthy by playing sports in his free time. I’m sure their
relationship will go for many years after this program, and I am very appreciative”. The match
enjoys playing basketball, playing football, going out to eat, driving around chatting with each
other, and working on homework together. Abdul enjoys using his 3D printer to make things
and has made various prints of things that interest Mekhi since being matched as rewards for
getting a good grade on a test or giving his best effort on a hard assignment.