Laura and Tiffany just celebrated their 2 year anniversary of being matched in our site based program.  They started out at Oakhill Elementary when Tiffany was in third grade hanging out in the library often just reading books.  Tiffany is educationally challenged and her social skills aren’t as developed as some of her peers – she is also an only child.  Laura would give Tiffany some extra special one on one attention that Tiffany thrived on.  In fourth grade, Tiffany transferred to Fairview Elementary, and Laura followed her there.  Tiffany was placed in a special EC class which better suited her needs.  Laura was still a constant in Tiffany’s life coming weekly for an hour to talk, play games or help Tiffany with her school work.  Tiffany can easily get frustrated with her class assignments but Laura helps to calm Tiffany and works through the problems with her.  Tiffany and Laura  have a great time when they’re together and are a perfect match for each other!