Kristin and Rayahna met in January of 2015. The impact of mentoring can be seen far and wide through
this match. Kristin came into Rayahna’s life just as her life was being impacted by the arrival of a
younger sibling. Rayahna’s mom sought the services of BBBS to provide Rayahna with a mentor,
someone to give her one on one time. She didn’t want Rayahna to feel left out when the new baby

Since meeting, Kristin and Rayahna have enjoyed fun adventures, service to others, celebrations, and
learning experiences. Rayahna credits Kristin with helping her to improve her academic and social skills.
Kristin praises Rayahna in giving her life purpose and meaning.

Kristin’s input (Big Sister):
Little did I know that becoming a Big and meeting my Little in January 2015, would change my life
forever. As I began my journey with Rayahna I was exposed to ways of life I never really imaged existed
in our own communities. Not only has this opportunity humbled me and given me an even higher
appreciation for life, but it has truly opened my eyes to how great the need is to be involved with an
organization like BBBS. We have cooked together, shopped together, visited the Science Center, the nail salon, have been to the movies and church, read books on the porch, ran a 5k, swam at the YMCA, had picnics in the park, served at our local homeless shelter, volunteered for Go Far, played tic-tac- toe more times than we can
count, been on nature scavenger hunts, roasted marsh mellows, shopped for back to school items and
clothes, learned how to set a table and make a bed, learned how to wash clothes in the washing
machine, and clean a bathroom, we have sang countless songs together ( Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star
was the first one) celebrated birthdays and holidays, good grades and other school accomplishments.
We have navigated how to make “best” choices, built trust and confidence, and learned together, how
to teach one another appreciate for different ways of life. The list could go on and on full of the
experiences we have shared but the most important is simply investing time!

I am beyond thankful I get to be a part of shaping her dreams! My time with Rayahna is invaluable to me and my desire is that she feels the same. I look forward to a lifelong relationship with Rayahna and cannot wait to see her conquer the world!

Rayahna’s input (Little Sister):
I have learned tons from my Big. Like to read better, she taught me how to write better and draw
pictures My Big teaches me better grammar and learn how to play new board games. She taught me
how to tie my shoes and I taught my sisters. My Big too came to my house to teach me, my brothers and
sisters how to wash clothes, how to use cleaner spray to do chores and how to make my bed.
She buys lots of things for me and the house and sisters and brothers, but it’s ok I don’t care. She can
stop just as long as we see each other. If I never met my Big I would of never learned as much as I know now. I wouldn’t be confident talking to people, reading, or learning new things. My Big has taught me how to be nicer to people and help others. My mom says my manners are better too. If I didn’t have my Big I’m not sure how happy I would even be.

Markisha’s input (mother):
want to be like a business woman to work hard and have money to do things. It helps her to not see
color of people, black or white we all can be good people. She talks about college and now wants to go.
Still she’s so young, but my kid Big Sister has made such a big impact she says she wants to be a Big Sister
when she gets big.