Monnie and Crystal have been matched in a Community Based match since October 2018. Monnie said that Crystal is always happy and never complains and always looks for the good in situations. She said that they see each other weekly and that a lot of their fun is had doing “life stuff.” She said that they have cooked dinner together, baked desserts, and gone out to movies. She said that no matter what life
throws at Crystal she meets it with a smile. Monnie describes Crystal as sweet, positive, and fun. She said that she has been thrilled to be matched with her. Crystal is an energetic 11-year-old girl. She said that her favorite things to do with Monnie is to cook and go to Barnes and Noble. She said that at Barnes and Noble they work on reading together. She recently told the MSS that the match made brownies
together and even though they didn’t turn out well, it was still fun to make them! She said that she enjoys her time with Monnie and is so happy to be matched!