Amy (Little) and Ashton (Big)

Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Central Piedmont is pleased to share Amy and Ashton!
They were matched in February 2019 within our site based program until now. Before
the pandemic, Ashton would visit Amy at school once a week for one hour. They
became close as Ashton was a reliable Big and showed consistency in her visits. Amy
has shared many times how much fun she had each time Ashton came to visit her. Amy
had the opportunity to visit HPU for a few field trips organized by Big Brothers Big
Sisters’ HPU Club. During the pandemic they remained in touch via phone and letters.
In the fall 2021, they were able to see each other in person at our after school site
based program. They played at local parks and local recreation centers. Some of the
sports they played was soccer, basketball, relay races, and board games. Amy and
Ashton’s relationship grew stronger. They both had mentioned that they love each

Ashton said: “I am truly blessed to have been connected with Amy. My favorite memory
is when Amy made me a small bracelet. It was only about 3 beads and I made her one
as well. I think she was in second grade. I put it in my car to hang down on the mirror as
a reminder of her. The next week she told me she still has her bracelet that I made her,
which really touched my heart. Something else that I love to relive is just when I would
come to the school or when we see each other for the first time that day, the huge smile
and how she’d run up so excited and hug me. That was always a great feeling! Being
able to mentor her and watch her grow up into a young lady. Celebrate her successes
and help her work through her challenges is just something I am very grateful for.
Ashton also wrote a note to her case manager Adriana. “Thank you so much for the
past four years and fostering the relationship between Amy and I. Please remember that
what you do changes lives, it sure changed mine.” Ashton just graduated HPU, but she
will remain in touch with her Little Amy. We will miss her, and we wish her the best in
her future endeavors.