Ahmad was 6 years old when he became Matt’s Little Brother in 2008. Ahmad’s Mother wanted him introduced to a positive male, who could encourage Ahmad to be more assertive, confident, as well as trying new things. They like going to the movies, baseball, and basketball. Ahmad was also introduced to golf and fishing. The two go very often and Ahmad has gotten very good at it.

Ahmad has definitely come out of his shell. He played organized sports for the first time this year for his middle school’s football team, playing both defensive and offensive positions. He continues to make the Honor roll, and is now interested in playing baseball, as he and Matt have been practicing at the batting cage. “He is a great kid and I have enjoyed watching him blossom and grow”, says Matt. Ahmad’s Mom quoted “Ahmad is always thrilled when they are together and it is never a dull moment. Matt has done a tremendous job introducing him to new things and always encouraging him to do well.”

Ahmad, now 12, continues to thrive educationally and recreationally. Matt has enjoyed watching him grow into a well rounded, outing pre teen.