Zy’re and Hannah have been matched since November of 2016, but to watch them you would think they have been life-long friends.  Zy’re is a third grade student who is adopted and struggles with learning disabilities.  Hannah is an education major who is finding a way to use her new skill set even though she has decided to not pursue teaching…anyone other than Zy’re,  that is!  Hannah has found a nice balance during her time with Zy’re where she spends part of the time in the classroom helping him with his math and part of their time engaging in more fun activities.  Initially, Zy’re only wanted to play games but Hannah found a way to make math fun and Zy’re has made tremendous progress in math and no longer watches the clock during their class time.  He is very proud of his accomplishments in the classroom, something he attributes to Hannah’s help.  Hannah is very observant and noticed that Zy’re’s tennis shoes no longer fit him.  As a Christmas present, she bought him a new pair of shoes, educational games, and books.  Zy’re immediately put them on and proudly announced that he was the “fastest boy in school”.  Although Hannah has gone home for the summer, she continues to write Zy’re regularly and their friendship continues despite their distance-both looking forward to the fall.