Join Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Central Piedmont in celebrating the high school graduation of our very own “Little” Josh! On June 16, he graduated from Page High School!

Over five years ago, Frank officially entered Josh’s life as a Big. It’s not that simple though. When Josh was in elementary school, Frank’s wife was his Big Sister in our site based mentoring program. She would visit him once a week at school and they would eat lunch, work on homework and simply talk. When Josh left elementary school, Jennifer transferred the match relationship to community based so they could continue to spend time together outside the parameters of the educational setting. As time passed, Jennifer felt the need for her husband, whom Josh had met, to come on board as a Big Brother. Josh was getting older and just needed the quality time of a male. That was five years ago, and as you read this, Josh and Frank continue to spend time together every Saturday.

From the beginning, Saturday mornings were reserved for karate lessons before heading out to explore the community. Faithfully around 9:30, Josh is up and ready to go when Frank pulls up to the house. Time together pretty much always includes a meal where talking about surviving the present and preparing for the future is always a topic. Being a talented musician, Frank lends his expertise in the field to Josh who is himself quite skilled. Although Frank shares much of his refined theory knowledge with Josh, it is the actual playing in which they find delight. They enjoy making some noise as they let their fingers rip on the drum and guitar. How exciting that Josh has been able to mature into a young man with someone like Frank by his side.