Learning. Understanding. Connecting.
Three words that help Deneisha and Christina be the best Sisters they can be to one another!
Being a Big Sister is no easy road and it didn’t come easy. As a Big Sister, I had to earn my Little Sister’s trust. In the beginning, our journey was a little rough, but looking back now we have come a long way and I am grateful for those rocky roads that we have overcome because those are what made me the Big Sister I am today. If I hadn’t taken this opportunity I wouldn’t be able to see my Little Sister’s face light up when she gets a difficult word correct in reading or getting an ‘A’ on the math tests I give her because those are her two hardest subjects. Being a Big Sister to me means more than spending an hour or two with my Little. It’s about learning, understanding, and connecting with her. It’s about helping her learn from her mistakes in math or reading, helping her understand that lashing out doesn’t solve her problems, reassuring her when she is upset and being her confidence. My little has improved greatly throughout our time together from communication skills with adults and her peers down to her table manners. I am grateful to be a part of this experience and watch my little and I grow together. I appreciate being a part of her life and having an influence on what she does next. This experience has helped me grow mentally and it inspires me to push harder for my purpose. I can’t wait to see what we have next in store!