Maggie and Olivia will have been matched in our Site Based program for a year in February.  Maggie sees Olivia at the Southside Boys & Girls Club every Wednesday.  They first always work on any homework Olivia might have.  After Olivia has snack, they then play Mancala, Connect Four or color.  One of their favorite activities is to play jump rope in the gym with some of the other Bigs and Littles that visit on Wednesdays.  Maggie says her favorite thing about Olivia is “her sweet personality” and Olivia describes Maggie as “nice and helpful”.  Olivia always greets Maggie with a huge smile and a hug and knows she will be back to see her the very next week.  Maggie is a fun and dependable Big Sister who helps Olivia with her self-esteem and decision-making skills.   Olivia and Maggie make a great match!!