Simply put, Julia and Keren are “a match like no other.”  Julia and Keren were matched in October of 2015.  Their four-year journey has created a bond that will most certainly last a lifetime.  When Keren and her family moved into our area from Cameroon, Africa, Big Brothers Big Sisters stepped in and served as an ideal resource for a newcomer.  Keren thrives in school as her self-confidence, social-emotional well being, and academics have strengthened over the years.  Little Sister, Keren shares that she looks forward to spending quality time with Julia.  She is eager to share stories and experiences with her Big Sister each week.  Keren notes that having a Big Sister has been very special to her.  Keren states that Julia is always encouraging her to do well in school and to be around friends that lifts her up and supports her. Big Sister, Julia shares that Keren has developed into a confident and well-spoken young lady.  As a Big Sister, Julia is consistent and reliable.  She nurtures her strong connection with Keren by consistent weekly visits through the BBBS site-based program.  In addition to visits, Julia takes time out to participate with Keren in BBBS sponsored events on the campus of High Point University. Julia has also developed a kindred relationship with Keren’s family which makes it easy to communicate via letters and phone calls over holidays and summer breaks. Julia shares that she is so excited for Keren’s future!