When Gustavo first enrolled in Big Brothers Big Sisters, he was living in a home with his grandma and two younger sisters. His grandma reached out to Big Brothers Big Sisters looking for a male role model because she realized she just could not do it all. Eric came to Big Brothers Big Sisters because he realized many children lacked mentors and he felt that he could help. The two were matched and their love of sports helped them make an easy connection. Since then, they have attended various sporting events, played football in the yard, laser tag and so much more.

Gustavo has always been a good student, but his grandma wanted a Big who could help him focus on education. Eric has done this by always asking about school and by talking about options for his future. They have even spent time on a university campus, which has opened up conversations about college. While Eric knows the importance of academics, he also considers the importance of relationships with others. Gustavo is a quiet kid, so he is not always one to reach out to others. To help Gustavo with his social skills, Eric has invited neighborhood kids to play football with them so Gustavo can work on positive interactions with others.

There have been times in Gustavo’s life where people have been inconsistent and Eric has made sure to never be one of those people. If Eric had to go out of town or miss a week, he would always let the family know. But he also took it a step further and discussed his plans with Gustavo.

The positive conversations and time spent together has allowed them to have a true two way relationship and form, what is sure to be, a lifelong friendship.