Ashayla was matched with her “Big”, Stacy, in February 2016 in the community based program. One activity that Ashayla and Stacy like to do are arts and crafts. “Shayla and I love to do crafts together! Everything from coloring books and drawing to our traditional yearly pumpkin painting, we love to be involved in arts and crafts” (Stacy). They also like to go to Cookout when they are hungry and play board games and card games like Heads Up. “Cook- Out is one of our favorite spots for yummy cheeseburgers and milkshakes ! We love board games and card games! Shayla’s favorite is probably Heads Up- we laugh a lot when we play that one!” (Stacy).

When asked the biggest challenge they have faced so far, Stacy replied: “Shayla is shy and I am very outgoing , so we have learned how to balance that in our communication. I have learned that sometimes Shayla may be fewer on words, but thats ok and Shayla sends text messages to me with longer sentences to let me know all is well. Together, we make it work!”

Stacy concluded with; “Shayla and her entire family are my second family. Knowing the Davis’s and being a part of their lives is something I consider a privilege and treasure !”