Aluel and Jordan have been matched since 2013 at Johnson Street Global Studies.  Aluel is an outgoing talkative fourth grader.  Jordan, who tends to be more quiet and reclusive, admits that Aluel is far more outgoing.  However, these two have formed a tight knit bond and can frequently be spotted at High Point University events sponsored by the Big Brothers Big Sisters Club.  Jordan is an officer in the club and helps coordinates these events.  Aluel has diabetes which is now controlled by her new insulin pump.  However, on their outings Jordan has to make sure Aluel is aware of what she is eating and how to calculate her carbohydrates.  Jordan said she doesn’t mind this added responsibility because she wants Aluel to have these off campus opportunities.  I recently watched Aluel pretend to be Jordan during one of their visits.  After a few minutes, I asked Jordan how she is doing and Jordan said, “She knows me well!”  That is exactly our goal at Big Brothers Big Sisters.