Big Sister Julie and Little Sister Alicia
Life can throw you lemons, but let’s make lemonade. Having a big sister/ mentor can be one of
the most helpful things. No matter what is going on in life you always have someone to turn to.
Julie has been pushing Alicia to greatness since 2014, so this relationship has been forming for
almost a decade. You never know how long things have been when you’re building a great
relationship. Looking back over the years Alicia has encountered some hard times, but with the
support of Julie she was able to pull herself out, and out shine the bad moments.
Alicia has been such an outstanding person in school and throughout life. Alicia is a Junior in
High school that is handling a lot on her plate, but with her desire to be great she is hitting the
ball out of the field and making a home run. Alicia is not only balancing school, but she is class
president, she ran for homecoming court, and she works a full time job. Alicia has been showing
nothing but greatness because of her strong desire to be great.
Not only has Ms.Julie helped Alicia get through difficult times throughout life, but Ms.Julie is
going above and beyond to help Alicia begin to look for scholarship opportunities in order to
begin to prepare her for her future as a college student.
Words of Alicia: “ I can not thank Ms.Julie enough for helping me.”