Big Nikita and Little Miracle have only been matched since February, but they have hit the ground running
with their match even with the unusual circumstances that we are currently living in. Nikita and Miracle
were able to meet up a few times for dinner and time out in the community before the pandemic turned
their Community-Based Match into a Virtual Match. Since their in-person visits have been put on hold until
it is safe for them to see each other, they have pivoted to keeping in touch with each other once or twice
each week either on the phone or through text messages. Most recently Nikita reported to the Match
Support Specialist that she is happy to be in touch with Miracle, but really looks forward to when they can
get together in person. Nikita has said that Miracle is sweet and easy to get along with and generally just a
nice kid to be around. Miracle has said that Nikita is friendly, easy to talk to and someone that she is
grateful to know. Miracle celebrated a birthday during quarantine and Nikita wanted her to know that she
was thought of and important so she drove to her house and dropped off a card and took a socially distant
picture to commemorate the first of hopefully many birthdays that they will celebrate with each other.