Ta’Nia was matched with Big Sister Rebecca in November 2014 and they have been growing their friendship every week since. When they are together, Ta’Nia and Rebecca always have a good time. Some of the activities they enjoy doing together are playing in the computer, playing board games, drawing, coloring and playing basketball. Ta’Nia stated with a big smile, “My Big sister Rebecca makes me feel happy. She is a lot of fun and is very friendly to me.”

Rebecca was motivated to volunteer because she wants to help a child and be a good influence. During their time together Rebecca has provided not only friendship but also mentorship as she has advised Ta’Nia to ignore some of the actions that other kids do that are not right. Rebecca stated “I am happy when I am with my Little and I feel like she is paying attention to what I say and do.”

Rebecca decided to help raise funds in our annual Bowl for Kids Sake Event and took on the challenge of raising funds to support our Program. After asking friends and family for support she raised $275! Her support of our agency an