Announcing our 2021 Big Sister of the Year

We proudly announce our local and state Big Sister of the year, Adriana Hernandez! Matched in 2015 with her Little Sister Venus. Adriana says, “When I saw the difference that Bigs made in the lives of their Littles, it motivated me to become a Big Sister.”  

Venus experienced the tragic loss of her mother when she was young and needed a positive impact in her life. Adriana said “I still remember our first outing. We went to see the play the Wizard of Oz at the Carolina Theater in Greensboro.”

Prior to the pandemic they played tennis, went out to eat, enjoyed attending artistic events, went to Barnes and Noble to read and went shopping. Prior to Covid-19 Adriana encouraged Venus to be part of the chess club at her local school. Adriana said Venus is a very good chess player.

During this pandemic, they have remained in touch. They continue to meet virtually once a week. They have done an Astronomy program offered by HPU, where Venus learned how to use remote telescopes, take pictures of the moon, planets and nebulas.  Adriana taught Venus how to use Zoom so they could communicate virtually, and share their screens. They have done trivia nights, taken virtual tours, read together and played games that promote learning about different cultures around the world. 

Adriana mentioned “I feel that our relationship is strong because we trust each other. She trusts me to tell me things when she is upset. In the past she always pretended to be happy, and now she is opening more to me.” 

Adriana noticed Venus was having a hard time during the pandemic being indoors all the time, so she bought her a drawing kit for anime since she loves anime. During their FaceTime and Zoom calls Venus shows Adriana her drawings.                                                                                                                                        Adriana said “I love my Little Sister, she makes me laugh, and she has a good heart. I feel we are a great match. We both learn from each other.”                                                                                                                                                                  Adriana has supported Venus in improving her reading and communication skills, and to have a positive mental attitude.