Over five years ago, Kailin and her mother were new to the area and learned about our program. She  was a little unmotivated to do her best in school or engage in recreational activities.

Kailin and Heather met over 5 years ago.  The two have experienced great journeys and life experiences, together.  They had an instant connection and their friendship has grown. Kailin went from being unmotivated to do well, to inspiring others to do well, an elementary student riding the school bus, to a high school student, driving to school, putting in little effort to make good grades, to making excellent grades and receiving letter from several colleges. Kailin volunteers with Teens Taking Action and Top Teens of America.

Going to the mall, shopping, trying new foods, discussing college plans, scholarships, and attending family gatherings, are a few things that they like to do together.  They are a huge part of each other’s lives and very supportive of each other. Kailin will be a maid of honor in Heather’s wedding this Fall, and they have had a blast planning the wedding and choosing dresses!

They have a fun, fabulous, friendship, and have created long lasting memories that will last forever.