Hunter  and  Jania have been matched together since November 2014, during Jania’s first year at Welborn Middle School. Prior to their match date, Little Sister, Jania had been matched with another High Point University  Big Sister for four years , until her previous Big graduated. They are the match that is featured on our Big Brothers Big Sisters brochure. You can’t miss Jania’s beautiful smile!!! After her  previous matched closed, Jania told MSS, Teresa Jackson, that she wanted to be rematched at Welborn  with another Big Sister from HPU.  Teresa had just finished enrollment on a HPU Women’s basketball player with a smile just as big and bright as Jania’s , who had requested a Little in middle school!

When they were first introduced , they both smiled and Teresa joked that she had to put her sunglasses on because the room was so lit up with their smiles! They immediately bonded over sports! Jania plays softball and was so excited that her new Big Sister plays basketball in college! She talked with  Hunter about what it’s like to play on a team in college and shared that she wanted to try out for her school’s softball team in 7th grade.  Jania also likes to run track.  Hunter  shared her experiences with her new Little Sister and emphasized the importance of making good grades and putting your school work first before being a student athlete. Jania  has always been a strong student and with Hunter’s help continues to work hard in school!

Even with the rigorous schedule that Hunter has with being a student athelete , she has consistently kept up her visits with Jania. Even during basketball season, Hunter makes the effort to spend time with Jania in between traveling for games, practices, work outs along with her studying and going to classes. They have developed a very strong , positive and close friendship through their talks in the media center during weekly visits. Hunter lives in Guilford County and while she did not see Jania outside of the school setting, she called her frequently during the summer and school breaks. She arranged for BBBS to get tickets to several HPU basketball games where Teresa was able to take Jania to watch her BS play basketball. Jania even got to stand on the court with her BS during the national anthem and then visit the locker room after the game!

A few months ago, Hunter informed Teresa that she had talked with Jania and that they both would like to transfer their match to Community Based so they can spend time together during the summer , since Hunter lives in the area year round.  This would also give her more opportunities to bring Jania on campus and take her out to places in the community. Hunter is also very excited about going to watch some of Jania’s softball games!  The match was transferred to Cb in April and both Hunter and Jania are very happy !!

This is a wonderful match relationship and a true example of what Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Central Piedmont is all about……. Making meaningful friendships that will last a lifetime !!!