Dakin and Zoey first met at an elementary school on September 10, 2014, to be matched. Dakin, a HPU student, was previously matched but found out her Little would be attending school in another county. She had created such a bond with the teacher, it was decided to try to match her in the same class again.

Zoey is a sweet, shy ,second grade student who seemed to have it all together but needed some help in reading and building her confidence. Dakin’s outgoing personality was a perfect match for Zoey!

Since their match, Zoey has made great improvements and the entire class loves Dakin. She even brought Valentine’s Day treats for the class. Dakin’s influence impacts not only the child with whom she is matched, but other children in the class too.

Dakin, a 20 year old college student, understands the difference one hour one day a week can make in the life of a child.