Jennifer Gorman came to Big Brothers Big Sisters at the end of 2015 when she felt called to mentor a young lady in our site based program. When she was called in January with the description of a sweet little girl at Erwin Montessori, Jennifer met the information with enthusiasm. In just hearing about Amaia, she already felt a world of connection. Their first meeting took place in the computer lab while Amaia ate her lunch. Jennifer took charge and asked Amaia a world of questions so that she could create a feeling of trust with her new Little. Amaia met each question with excitement especially as they learned they had many of the same preferences including colors, foods and unicorns. Each week, Jennifer made her way to the school and with each visit, their relationship strengthened. The school year ended, Jennifer went home and Amaia had summer break. As the next year approached, BBBS learned that Amaia had changed schools and would no longer be attending Erwin Montessori. Broken-hearted by this development, Jennifer asked if there was anything that she could do to keep her relationship going with Amaia since they felt such a wonderful bond. Once the mother was informed about the community based program, she felt she would give it a try since Amaia had spoken so highly about Jennifer.
They have now surpassed their one year commitment in the Community based program and Mother, Little and Big are grateful for their continuing relationship. Jennifer has attended dances, soccer games, helped with homework and exposed Amaia to a world of opportunity through her internship. Amaia has worked on fundraising opportunities, gone on field trips and had exposure to new immigrant children who have come to the United States. Jennifer speaks so highly of Amaia and constantly sparkles with excitement when she discusses how grateful she is for the continuous bond they have. When mother was asked about the relationship, she shared that she has seen her daughter grow in confidence, and she credits Jennifer. These two truly do share an extraordinary relationship that will last years to come.