Introducing….Little Sister, Zuriuna and Big Sister, Shaylyn!!!  Zuriuna and Shaylyn were matched as part of the site-based program in the fall of 2018!  Over the course of almost two years, this match has bonded through celebrations and as well as times of sadness.  Social distancing would never put a wedge between this Big and Little! The relationship between Zuri and Shay exemplifies the BBBS mission and vision.  In Shay’s words, “If sunshine could take human form, it would be Zuri! I feel incredibly blessed that I am her Big Sister.  This 5th grader and I have been paired for almost two years now.  She is extremely smart, curious, fashionable, and fun.  Zuri loves her family and regularly tells stories of their closeness.  She is a strong math student, and one day hopes to become a teacher.  Her favorite color is blue.  She is a nature lover and prefers being outdoors which is something we both enjoy together. COVID-19 has restricted our visits, but we share conversations and updates through FaceTime each week.  Observing Zuri’s enthusiasm always brightens my day! Big Brothers Big Sisters created an amazing match.  Zuri and I have shared many memories and we have many more to go.”  On the other hand, Zuri has expressed, “I really did not know what to expect when I learned I was getting a Big Sister.  Being a part of BBBS turned out so much better than I expected. I now know that I have an older friend who is going to be there for me all the time. Shay is dependable and I can trust her.  Shay is the best listener!  We can talk about anything! She plays with me and has as much fun as I do. I feel confident that we will always be friends.” Zuriuna’s mother shares, “What I like about my daughter, Zuriuna being a part of the Big Brothers Big Sisters program is that she gets to talk and do activities with the Big Sister that she might not want to do with me.  The two have so much in common and get along well together.  Zuri talks about Shay all the time.  And, when remote learning started in March of 2020, Shay kept in touch with Zuri by FaceTime and talked on the phone every week.  Each visit just made Zuri’s day.  I love the bond they share.  It’s truly GREAT!”