Meet Little Brother David and Big Brother Micah!

David and Micah were matched in our Community Based program in June of this year! While their match relationship is new, they are off to a big start! David and Micah enjoy going out to eat and activities that fuel time for discussion. Micah serves as a college professor providing David with a personal experience of achieving college goals. Over the summer David attended a computer centered camp. Micah was able to connect David to the camp and provide transportation each day; breaking barriers that would have prevented David from attending. David’s parents have noticed that his outlook on school and post high school plans have changed drastically. David now talks about school happenings in a positive manner and has started exploring post high school options! David’s parents credit these changes to Micah’s influence and the added support mentoring provides in his life. Micah and David recently made a BIG commitment to each other: Micah passed down his Mac laptop and iPhone to David. In return, David has committed to maintaining an A/B average with his grades and continuing to be a leader among his peers. Micah and David are embracing all that a mentoring relationship has to offer. Here at Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Central Piedmont, we cannot wait to see the achievements of this match partnership!!