Leah was matched with her “Little” Denylah in January 2017 in the site based mentoring program. When they were first matched, Denylah was in first grade, and Leah was a freshman at HPU. Now, Denylah is in 4thgrade, and Leah is a senior at HPU.

Denylah was referred by her 1stgrade teacher because she told Match Support Specialist (MSS) Adriana, that she had experienced a traumatic event, and needed support. Her teacher thought having a Big Sister could help her overcome her trauma.

Her Big Sister Leah was informed of the situation, and she was not afraid to become her mentor. Leah had a great attitude from the very beginning, she was talkative, friendly and in time allowed Denylah to trust again.

Some of the activities Denylah and her Big Leah have done together in school are making friendship bracelets, playing board games such as Sorry, Headbands, Memory, Connect 4, and playing outside. They have also attended field trips organized by the HPU Big Brothers Big Sisters’ Club. Some of the field trips have been playing at the HPU Arcade, and attending a Trick or Treat event. Denylah said that she loves attending the field trips to HPU and hang out with her Big because is so much fun!

Leah has always demonstrated accountability, a great attitude, and initiative. Thanks to Leah, Denylah has improved her confidence and her social skills. Denylah said that every time she sees her Big Denylah, she feels happy and excited. She always looks forward to seeing her.

When MSS Adriana asked Leah what is her favorite part about her Little Denylah, she said “I have loved being able to see Denylah each week for my years at High Point. Seeing her grow up and mature over the years has been an honor and I’m grateful to have made an impact in her life. MSS Adriana also asked Leah what it means for her to be Denyla’s Big Sister, and Leah said “To be Denylah’s Big Sister means being a mentor and a friend. We play games, but also discuss the importance of school. This experience is unlike any other. She has taught me so much as well.