Scott and David have been community-based matched since July 2017, but the pair gets along so well that you would think they have known each other for a long time.  David is currently a ten-year-old boy that resides with his father and his two siblings.  Due to his father working a lot and his mother not always being around David was looking for a big that could help him with his self- esteem.  Scott is currently retired and in his free time enjoys different art and sports activities.  One of the reasons Scott wanted to become a Big was he enjoys being around kids and he still thinks he has a lot of “kid” still in him.  Scott makes time for David often and they enjoy doing anything from going to grab pizza to visiting museums.  Scott is also very involved with the family and even picks David up from school occasionally when he visits.  This pair has grown very close over the past year and they still continue to have a fun friendship.