Don and Jonathan have been matched since January 2020 – a tough time to get started with a mentoring relationship with the Pandemic quickly changing our lives…at least you would think. Don made seeing Jonathan a top priority early on in their friendship so that they could build a good foundation to work from which has proven invaluable with how things are changing daily in the world. Don is very active and enjoys woodworking. He has taken Jonathan to his local health club and gotten him on his membership so that they can play racquetball together, they go out to eat, they have been to sporting events, and Don started building a birdhouse with Jonathan when Community-Based Matches were still able to see each other. Since they have not been able to see each other since COVID-19 restrictions have been put into place, Don and his Match Support Specialist talked and came up with some ideas of how they can still have meaningful interactions even if they are only talking on the phone. After talking to Jonathan about what color he would like his birdhouse to be Don prepared a DIY Birdhouse Finishing Kit for Jonathan and dropped it on his front porch. Jonathan completed the birdhouse and sent pictures to Don to show off his finished product. You can see how proud he is of his work and it was all because Don went the extra mile to make sure that Jonathan knew he cared and wanted to still be involved with him even when things are so uncertain around us.