Tabatha and Caitlyn have been matched since December of 2011 when Caitlyn was a first grader at Archdale Elementary and Tabatha was a sophomore at Wheatmore High School. Tabatha has been a constant fixture at the KATS After school program each week for the past 3 years visiting and hanging out with Caitlyn. Normally, the high school students end their matches after they graduate, but because Tabatha began her freshman year at A&T State University last Fall, she was able to continue seeing Caitlyn. They work on Caitlyn’s homework together, and play on the playground.

Tabatha is now pursuing a degree in Animal Science to be a veterinarian while working at a vet’s office, so often times they talk about the animals that Tabatha sees at her job. Caitlyn and Tabatha both say they feel like they are “real” sisters. Tabatha says she and Caitlyn have a “very good strong relationship” and that they “always have fun when we’re together”. She also says she and Caitlyn “have a lot in common and it’s not hard to find things to talk about”. Caitlyn always has a different adjective to describe Tabatha such as “kind, polite, great at writing and puts others first”.

Caitlyn and Tabatha are a great match and just one example of the strong friendships and bonds that are formed through the Big Brothers Big Sisters program.