October 2014, was the beginning of a great friendship between Precious and her Big Sister Amber. They see each other once a week at Erwin Montessori Elementary School.  PE, kickball, Math facts, and eating snack, are some of their favorite activities they love doing with each other. Precious stated “I love my Big Sister, because she encourages me to do good with my grades, teachers, and my friends. She is great!”

Amber is a Junior at North Carolina A&T State University. She enjoys helping her Little Sister with her EOG study guide and listening to her abut what she did and learned in school. Amber has been very supportive, assisting Precious with reading and brought cupcakes on her Little’s birthday. “Precious and I have both grown and developed a bond that can’t be broken. She is more respectful towards her friends and accepts responsibility for her actions. I love my Little Sister!”

Since being matched, Precious made the A Honor Roll and continues to excel in the 4th grade.