Learning. Developing. Inspiring.
These three words are used to guide Adrianna in doing what she does as a Big Sister. The word learning gives her the opportunity to teach her Little different traits to help her succeed in everyday life. As they move forward with their journey as Sisters, they both develop in more ways than one. Kaviona has developed the skill of communication. Kaviona has improved her communication skills through more classroom interaction with Adrianna’s help. Lastly, Adrianna inspires her Little to achieve the impossible. Kaviona’s bright smile inspires Adrianna to continue striving to do her best as well. I have enjoyed working in the library on my little’s math activities. She has trouble comprehending in math; however, when we use various objects, she understands the problems with no hesitation. However, my little has improved with her comprehension of the symbols in math equations and how to apply each. My experience as a Big Sister has impacted my life tremendously. I appreciate having the opportunity to guide my sister, teach her appropriate behaviors, and enjoy our time together. She has allowed me to gain more patience, leadership, and communication skills. I am ecstatic to have such a wonderful opportunity to give back to the community through service.