Logan was matched with his “Big”, Lily, in November 2021, in the
School Based Mentoring Program. Logan is in second grade and Lily is a
student in High Point University.
Logan and Lily have developed a great relationship. Lily always brings
different activities for them to do together. They both love to draw and
she encourages and supports the talent in Logan.
Lily has been working with Logan on his social skills and he is improving
in that area. Lily demonstrates responsibility, accountability, a great
attitude and initiative.
When Match Support Specialist Noemi asked Lily what motivated her to
become a Big, she said, “ I wanted to become a Big Sister because I have a
desire to connect more within the High Point community and become a
mentor, and friend to someone who needs me.”

Match Support Specialist Noemi asked Lily about her experience as a
Big sister through Big Brother Big Sister and she said “Being a Big Sister
has been such a fun opportunity! Being able to spend time with Logan
and develop a relationship that allows us both to grow and learn new things, is something

I would not have without Big Brothers Big sisters. I also have enjoyed feeling like I am a part of the community and not just
a student here. Big Brothers Big Sisters is an amazing program that I
would recommend to anyone.”