We are pleased to share Little Sister, Rodina and Big Sister, Haley!  Both were highlighted at our annual BBBSCP Winterfest Gala in January. We were heartwarmed to hear about the positive impact that the mentoring relationship between Haley and Rodina has had on both of their lives.  Currently, Haley is a sophomore at High Point University while Rodina is a strong third grade student in Guilford County Schools. The two were matched last April, 2023. Since this date, the dedication and commitment demonstrated by Haley as a mentor clearly highlight the importance of the site based program in fostering personal growth and building meaningful relationships. 

Haley’s advocacy for mentoring, both through sharing her experience with peers and using social media to showcase “A Day in the Life of a Mentor,” reflects her passion for making a difference in Rodina’s life. Haley shares, “This experience has made a huge impact on both of our lives. My main goal is to encourage Rodina and let her know there‚Äôs someone in her life that believes in her. Everyone needs someone in their life who does that for them.” 

Rodina shares that Haley encourages her every week while they do fun things together. Her acknowledgement of Haley’s encouragement and their strong friendship is a testament to the success of the mentoring program.  It’s wonderful to hear that Rodina’s confidence and competence have grown with Haley’s support, demonstrating the positive impact mentorship can have on personal development, especially with younger children. Programs like these play a crucial role in building a supportive community and creating a brighter future for individuals just like Rodina.  We are so proud to have Haley and Rodina as part of our BBBSCP family!