Friends Asking Friends

Invite your friends to start something, too. Take the rewards that come with doing good in your community, the joy of bringing friends and family together and add the power of the Internet, and you’ve got Friends Asking Friends®.

Upon registering with Friends Asking Friends, you get your own customizable, personal webpage and easy-to-use online tools to help you solicit donations for Big Brothers Big Sisters. The money you raise can help us continue to make an impact in your community. Every dollar has a destination. And every child needs a chance.

Your personal webpage tells your friends about your goals and how they can help. The fun really gets going when your friends compete to become leading donors, or as a Team, try to out-do other teams.

Friends Asking Friends is a great way to help give kids a new perspective on life and empower them to achieve their dreams. It’s also a fun way to get back in touch with old friends—and so convenient! Just send an email and invite them to visit your webpage

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