Nevaeh and Cassidy have been matched since March 2016 in the Site-Based program. Her Little Sister Nevaeh attends a school where over 95% of the children come from homes that are below the poverty level.   Cassidy has made it her mission to support Nevaeh in any way she can. When their match started, her Little Sister Nevaeh was having difficulty interacting with her teachers and other children in her school. She was extremely quiet and shy. Cassidy has been consistent in her visits and she has spent time with her talking and playing board games during her recess. Cassidy has provided a nurturing relationship that is needed in this student’s chaotic household.  The greatest gift Cassidy has provided to this young girl is the one-on-one attention she needs to help her realize her value and worth. This has helped her improve her confidence and Nevaeh has been able to make more friends in school and interact with her teachers better. Nevaeh has also brought her grades up substantially because her Big has told her about her experiences in college and the importance of making good grades. During the school year, they have also enjoyed going to field trips to High Point University that are organized by Big Brothers Big Sisters. This has allowed Nevaeh getting a grasp of what college is. Nevaeh now thinks going to college is a possibility for her.