Darlene Glenn McClinton and Amp Clapp were matched 24 years ago on St Valentine’s Day. Darlene was 8 years old at the time and had just experienced the loss of her mother. Throughout the years Amy`s `s friendship had provided stability and caring into Darlene`s life. One of the most important things that Amy taught Darlene was the importance of reading. She also supported her love of Skittles! Throughout the years they both experienced many changes in their lives. Amy married and had her own children while continuing her special bond with her Little Sister. Darlene graduated from NCATSU and moved to Washington DC to pursue her Masters in Art. Amy was there to cheer her on and help her settle into her new home. A few years ago Amy called our program to let us know that her former Little Sister had returned to town and was a professor at NCAT and working on her PH.D at UNCG. Her pride in Darlene was evident as she shared the news. Today Darlene is an accomplished Artist, an Educator, and Small Business Owner.  Their relationship has grown from one of a Big Sister helping a Little Sister to two women sharing a life long bond of love and mutual respect.

You can check out Darlene’s store at http://www.theartistbloc.com/ and read more about her at