Jasira is a 4th grader who lives with her mother and younger sister. She loves school, being outdoors swimming, and amusement parks. Jasira is very courageous and has to take asthma treatments regularly. That doesn’t stop her from being so outgoing, energetic, and giving. She helps her aunt, who is recovering from surgery and enjoys completing her daily chores. Jasira has been waiting a while for a Big Sister who she could relate to and have fun with.

Five months ago, Jasira’s wait was over! She met her Big Sister Mashaela, a college student, who also loves school, swimming, and outdoor activities. She also has a sister. As a reward for doing so well with school and helping her family, Mashaela and Jasira went swimming, played basketball, and even went to Carowinds this Summer!

Jasira’s Mom is so appreciative of the Match and shared that Jasira is more confident and loves being with her Big Sister. Mashaela says she is “so happy to be Jasira’s Big Sister”.