Juliette was matched with her “Big”, Hannah, in October 2020 in the School Based Mentoring Program.  Juliette is in third grade and Hannah  is a student in High Point University.  

Julliette and Hannah have developed a great relationship via Zoom. They haven’t seen each other in person because of the COVID19 but the pandemic hasn’t been a barrier to building a relationship. They have a nice conversation before work with the activity of the day. They have completed different challenges every week. They read and travel virtually.  Hannah has taught Juliette how to keep his room clean. Juliette also participated in the virtual talent show with Hanna’s help. They have built a great relationship.

Hannah has been working with Juliette in her social skills and she is improving in that area.  Hannah demonstrates responsibility, accountability, a great attitude and initiative.

When Match Support Specialist Noemi asked Hannah what motivated her to become a Big, she said, “I want to gain more experience working with elementary age children, be a positive role model for a child, and be able to plan fun activities for my little.”

Match Support Specialist Noemi asked Hannah about her experience as a Big sister through Big Brother Big Sister and she said “I began meeting with Juliette in October and since then, we have become very close. I truly enjoy all the fun activities we do together. Some of my favorite activities we have done are holiday activities, making drawings out of everyday objects, and we are currently reading a chapter book. I have a doll that I am dressing up every week that is the same character in the chapter book, “Saige.” The book is enjoyable for both of us and it allows us to talk and make connections about our own lives. Juliette is an amazing young lady, a wonderful artist, funny, and a wonderful little sister. I am so happy and blessed to be able to be her Big, mentoring, supporting, and being there for her no matter what.”