ShaQuita and her Little Daisy were matched in October 2021 in the site based mentoring program. Due to Covid Big could not visit her at school, but their Match Support Specialist Lydia coordinated the after school program so they could see each other in person. They have been enjoying doing activities such as visiting a local museum, local parks and playing games and just getting to know each other. ShaQuita is a senior at A&T, she is majoring in Animal Science and Laboratory Animal Science with a minor of Chemistry. Her future is continuing her education to obtain my doctoral degree to become a veterinarian. 

ShaQuita is a dedicated, hardworking, self-assured, and friendly woman. She enjoys supporting her Little Daisy any way she can. Her hobbies are swimming, dancing, hanging out with friends and family, listening to music, and just recently be able to spend time with her little Daisy. ShaQuita is very responsible, and loving. She always goes the extra mile and enjoys spending time with her Little Daisy. She said that she helps her find a solution together.

Her Little Daisy said, “I like to spend time with my Big Sister because I have a friend who I can talk to, she makes me laugh, she helps me with my homework and I have a great time with her.” Daisy’s mom mentioned that Daisy loves coming to see her Big, and she has a lot of fun. Mom said Daisy always comes back home with a smile after seeing her Big Sister.