This is Jardaleza with her Little Sister Priyaly. These two have only been matched since October, but even in this short time their bond has become strong and getting stronger with each visit. They often have to opportunity to sit in the library and have their visits there. They often read, talk, or even go to the gym to have a more active time. Jardaleza published a book that she shared with her Little Sister, Priyaly says that it was a “very special gift for her.” Priyaly and Jardaleza come from two very different cultures so often that’s a topic of conversation. Jardaleza shows her dedication to her role as a Big Sister by always being responsible and giving priority to her scheduled visits with Priyaly. Jardaleza during every match support interaction has often spoken of the joys that Priyaly has brought to her life. Priyaly’s mom expressed her gratitude to the program and to Jardaleza, she stated that Priyaly is always happy when Jardaleza visits with her. Jardaleza continues to show that she often takes time to plan activities for her and Priyaly. She has asked her Match Support Specialist for materials to make crafts (bracelets), books or art supplies. Jardaleza also helps Priyaly with homework, or specific subjects she feels she needs help with. Priyaly’s teacher also commented that when she comes back to class after her visit she smiles for the rest of the day. The librarian also commended Jardaleza on her patience and dedication to Priyaly. This is a match that will continue to grow and be a life changing experience for both Big Sister and Little Sister.