The Big’s name is Acacia Kenion and she thoroughly enjoys being a Big! So far Acacia has had many rewarding experiences with her Little Zi’yanna! Zi’yanna is five years old and is one of the biggest bundles of joy that I know! Zi is currently being raised by her single mother, and has one older brother, and a sibling on the way. Zi’yanna’s mother works very hard during the week and is unable to give and keep up with her lovely hyper baby Zi during the week so she thought it would be beneficial to add a Big Sister to her life.  Acacia stated, “Meeting with her brings me so much joy and I am having a wonderful time watching her grow”. Zi’yanna says, “That she is happy about having a Big and loves being quiet in the library and going to the park”! Zi’yanna has acquired a special place in Acacia’s heart and has made her admire the Big Brother Big Sister Organization even more!