Lauren and Marybeth have been matched since October 2012.  Lauren is a High Point University student who wanted to help others and spend some time outside of her college bubble.  Marybeth needed help initially with reading but her needs have changed throughout the years.  She is now a “tween” and Lauren has learned how to deal with all that comes with that age.  Lauren has been a constant and steady influence in Marybeth’s life.  Sometimes we overlook the volunteers whose impact is most profoundly felt as a result of them “just being there”.  You can’t change a child’s life, tell them how much they matter, or influence their decisions unless you show up.  Lauren has been “showing up” for three and a half years.  This is what really tells Marybeth that she matters- that she is worth the time.  As Lauren graduates this May, Marybeth will have a void in her life but the  impact of conversations held, lessons learned, and laughter shared will resound with Marybeth for years to come.